I'm a product designer from Vietnam. I lived and worked in South Korea for 5 years as a product strategist and marketer. I believe amazing products are achieved when both businesses and customers' needs are met. Therefore, I always put effort into understanding the wants and needs of both sides.

I enjoy doing creative works, and creating inspirational art.

I'm also passionate about language learning. One of my life goals is to speak 7 languages, and so far I have achieved half of it by being fluent in Vietnamese, English and Korean. I'm working on learning Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Every time I speak a language, I feel as if I immerse myself in the culture. It allows me to expand my knowledge about culture and international businesses more easily and more interestingly.

My Career so far

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Product Design
Customer service
Language localisation
Product Strategy
Project Management

Energetic - Creative - Passionate

I like to be active and outdoor in my free time. It helps me reduce stress, increase productivity and boost creativity.